Phenta XTR


Time released, long lasting, and powerful energy in one product. Phenta XTR is great for anyone looking a for a boost to get through the day!

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Phenta XTR

Powerful, Time-Released Thermogenic

  • Smooth, All-Day Energy
  • Skyrocket Metabolism
  • Curb Appetite and Crush Cravings

Phenta-XTR is a time-released thermogenic, meaning its ingredients are released in steady doses over a 12 hour period, yielding serious results..

Use Phenta-XTR to help you crush your fat loss goals and get rid of those stubborn pounds you’ve been desperately trying to shred!.

DOSAGE: Take 2 pills daily, in the morning with food. Do not exceed 2 pills and do not take at night.


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